How To Change Blade on Dewalt Miter Saw?

Changing the blade on your Dewalt miter saw is a very fairly simple task that can be done in just a few steps. In this article, we’ll go over exactly How to change blade on dewalt miter saw and provide helpful tips for the process. We’ll discuss the necessary safety precautions, the tools needed, and how to complete the task correctly. So, if you’re ready to learn more about changing the blade on your Dewalt miter saw, follow and read!

How to change blade on dewalt miter saw?

Miter Saw Unplug

Before you start, it’s important to unplug the miter saw from its power source. This ensures that you won’t accidentally switch it on while making any adjustments.

Raise the Guard

The guard encloses the blade and should be raised before any adjustments are made. Move the guard up to expose the blade and secure it in place.

Bracket Screw Adjustments

Many miter saws have a bracket screw that you’ll need to loosen before you can remove the blade. This will allow you to easily slide the blade out of the saw.

Remove your Blade

Once the bracket screw has been loosened, you can now remove the blade. Carefully slide the blade out of its housing and set it aside.

Loosen the Arbor

The arbor is the shaft that connects the blade to the miter saw. Use a wrench to loosen the arbor and remove the blade from the shaft.

Set Your New Saw

Now that the old blade is removed, you can place the new blade into position. Slide the new blade into the saw and secure it with the bracket screw.

Guard Checking and Perform a Test Cut

Before you begin cutting, check that the guard is properly adjusted. Once everything is in place, you can perform a test cut to make sure the blade is correctly aligned.

Which tools are required for changing the blade on the Dewalt miter saw?

Blade Wrench:

A blade wrench is the most important tool for changing the blade on a miter saw. This tool is used to loosen and tighten the blade screws, allowing the blade to be removed and installed.

Heavy Duty Safety Gloves:

Heavy-duty safety gloves can help protect your hands from sharp edges and other potential hazards when changing blades on a miter saw.

Certified perfect Safety Glasses:

Safety glasses are a must when changing blades on a miter saw. The flying debris created by the saw can be dangerous, so it’s important to protect your eyes with a quality pair of safety glasses.

Miter Saw Power Down:

Before beginning any work on a miter saw, it is important to turn off the power and unplug the saw to avoid accidental injury or damage.

Begin Disassembly:

Once the saw is powered off, begin the process of disassembling the saw by removing the blade guard, and the blade screws.

Complete Disassembly:

Once the blade screws are removed, remove the blade from the saw and set it aside.

Hold the Spindle:

When removing the blade, be sure to hold the spindle firmly in place to avoid any slippage or movement that could damage the saw.

Out with the Old!

Once the old blade has been removed, it can be discarded.

In with the New!

Install the new blade by reversing the steps taken to remove the old blade. Tighten the blade screws firmly, replace the blade guard, and power on the saw.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What type of blade does a Dewalt miter saw require?

A1. Dewalt miter saws require a carbide-tipped blade with a 10-inch diameter.

Q2. How do I remove the old blade from my Dewalt miter saw?

A2. Loosen the arbor nut located on the left side of the blade using the arbor wrench provided with the saw. Push the blade towards the saw handle until it comes off.

Q3. How tight should I make the arbor nut?

A3. The arbor nut should be tightened just enough to keep the blade secure, but not too tight as to cause damage to the saw.

Q4. How do I know if the blade is installed correctly?

A4. Once the blade is installed, make sure the teeth are pointing away from the saw handle. If the teeth are facing the wrong direction, the blade will be unable to cut properly.

Q5. Are there other accessories I should consider when changing the blade?

A5. It is recommended to use a blade stabilizer to help reduce vibration when cutting. Finally, you may want to consider using a blade guard to help protect yourself from flying debris and dust.

Finishing word

Are you clear from here about How to change blade on dewalt miter saw? It’s included clearly. Changing the blade on your Dewalt miter saw is a straightforward process that can be completed with the right tools and safety precautions. With the right knowledge and the right tools, you can easily replace the blade on your Dewalt miter saw and get back to cutting in no time.

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